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It Only Takes One Big Screw-Up, Centurylink

It Only Takes One Big Screw-Up, Centurylink
Centurylink just lost a LOT of my respect (they are now on par with Comcast in my opinion.) The Target credit card debacle means we got a new credit card. I changed all the Autopay settings I could think of, but apparently missed Centurylink. Instead of notifying us that our payment had not gone through, Centurylink said nothing, and then let our service die quietly without telling us.

Even though we made a payment immediately when we finally figured out what the problem was, there is no way for us to get our service back instantly on a weekend because their billing department is the only one that can reinstate the service--technical support couldn't help at all. So basically, (1) Centurylink doesn't provide courtesy "your payment did not process and it is due ASAP" notifications to its long-time customers, and (2) Centurylink thinks it's totally fine to let customers be without service over the weekend if that's the way it falls out, and sucks to be you, customer, because you didn't make paying Centurylink your TOP PRIORITY (never mind that Centurylink never said they hadn't been paid.)

See if this customer ever voluntarily chooses you over any other company again, you bastards. We're sticking with you for now because your local relay is right down the street and our speeds are decent because of that, but when we move, all bets are off. (What I wouldn't give for Google Fiber in Denver...)

At least the only thing that went out was our DirecTV, and not our Internet. Crossing fingers and toes that the Internet continues to be uninterrupted. *knocks on wood*

ETA March 24: Oh my god, I didn't think it was possible for Centurylink to be any more incompetent, but they have made me absolutely furious. Lying to me is one thing, but the level of sheer incompetence is stunning. Seriously looking into alternatives at this point.

In an epic comedy of errors, both Centurylink AND Directv were incompetent companies that bounced me back and forth between 8-9 different people until I FINALLY said I wasn't going to go anywhere or get off the phone or anything until this was fixed, I reminded them that I was the customer and therefore couldn't figure out what was wrong with their systems but that if C said something and D said something else then clearly something was wrong with their systems but that it was THEIR job to fix it and not mine.

It is FINALLY FIXED (almost 10 people and NO ONE figured it out correctly until I put my foot down and insisted people look thoroughly and carefully.) It turned out to be a technical issue accidentally triggered by the first technician, who broke something when we first called about one channel we paid extra for not showing up. All those calls, all this time, all that frustration and stress... all traceable back to ONE problem caused by one person, and exacerbated by multiple people after that who never figured out the problem and just kept trying to get me to go to someone else.

I am going to spend the rest of the night doing NOTHING at all, because my blood pressure peaked about an hour before the situation was resolved, and the amount of stress from having to fix C and D's gross incompetence was way above anything I was prepared for.

Lesson to all companies involved: if your customer has already been on the phone for multiple hours and has initiated 8 phone calls between your companies, TAKE SOME FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY and actually TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE PROBLEM. I went from polite explanations to tired re-caps to starting phone calls with "Hi, this is not your fault and I know this, I would like to speak to a manager or supervisor because I am furious and I want something done RIGHT." Before this past weekend/today, I had felt reasonably happy with Centurylink and Directv; right now my feelings towards both is less positive than "neutral". There is a lesson in customer service to be learned here, but I'm sure no one learned it.
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There you are ^^

Oh ouch recently we also have some problem with paid tv over the weekend too so I felt your pain in trying to get them to do something to restore it...
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...that is GROSS. -_- What a pain for you!
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... and I thought local services were bad that you had to wait 30 mins for the service to be restarted after making payment. My sympathies.