Date: May 2nd, 2013 07:26 am (UTC)
februaryfour: (0)
From: [personal profile] februaryfour
It works pretty much exactly the way the Magic Bullet does. There's a cap that has blades inside it. You screw the cap on, and then turn it over and put it on the blender base and go. Again, the mechanics of it works exactly the way the Magic Bullet does.

The problem is that the person who designed the Oster blender cap decided that they'd use a loosely-moving part as the "trigger" for the blending action, which in my mind is a huge NO. The cap is theoretically supposed to screw together with the loose part (it's REALLY hard to describe without this thing in hand IRL) but for some reason, not all cups screw tightly.

I really like it when it works, and right now I have a blender base and ONE cup that works like it should. I love it. The other two... not so much. Tomorrow I head to Target, and we'll find out whether Target deserves more of my shopping dollars than they currently get.
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