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Poll #16656 Skinned Knees and Skirts?
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Dear hive brain, I skinned my knee and it looks kind of nasty. Is wearing an above-the-knee skirt to work okay with a skinned knee, or should I wear pants for a couple of weeks?

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Wear pants for a couple of weeks to hide it.
3 (30.0%)

Skirts are fine, it's a badge of honor.
6 (60.0%)

I have a different answer which I will clarify in the comments.
1 (10.0%)

[Clarification: I use liquid bandaids, so it'll be covered, but I'm wondering if it'll look disgusting to co-workers.]
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Doug and I started sending holiday letters two years ago, when we realized that this was possibly the only form of contact we had with certain friends and family for YEARS and we like being kept informed of friends and family's doings/comings/goings even when we don't see them often. (Close at heart, if not close at hand!)

Then one day I was surfing the Internet and I came across someone slagging/venting on holiday letters and how they were just excuses to brag, so.. poll time.

This poll is anonymous.
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On the subject of holiday letters (some of you may have received one from Doug and myself.) Are holiday letters:

1 (6.7%)

A nice way to keep informed of lives you don't necessarily keep on top of
13 (86.7%)

Something else you'll elaborate on in the comments?
1 (6.7%)

This is an ANONYMOUS poll, so no worries of repercussions if you want to say they suck! ^_^ Note that if you have received holiday letters from Doug and myself in the past, this will NOT be taken as an indictment of our letters in particular, just opinions of holiday letters in general. ^_^

(What is a holiday letter, you ask?)
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It Only Takes One Big Screw-Up, Centurylink
Centurylink just lost a LOT of my respect (they are now on par with Comcast in my opinion.) The Target credit card debacle means we got a new credit card. I changed all the Autopay settings I could think of, but apparently missed Centurylink. Instead of notifying us that our payment had not gone through, Centurylink said nothing, and then let our service die quietly without telling us.

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The Search For A Personal Blender
Doug and I have recently taken to drinking milkshakes. I like them because they're healthier than a lot of alternatives, and Doug likes them because they're tasty and healthier than a lot of alternatives. I got really tired of cleaning up the heavy glass blender jar multiple times a day, though, and I wanted to take my shakes to school, but didn't have any suitable to-go cups. After [personal profile] reppu bought a personal blender, I decided to do the same, so I went to Target and bought the Oster Personal Blender (which comes with a blue blender cup) and two extra blender cups (both pink).

Monday morning: I buy the blender and cups at Target and take them home happily.

Monday evening:
  1. I attempt to make a milkshake using a pink extra blender cup. The milk leaks all over the countertop. I am very unhappy.
  2. I fill the blue blender cup with water, screw the blender blades on, and turn it upside down over the sink. Water comes out.
  3. I'm in a hurry to go to school, so I don't stop to troubleshoot. I make the milkshake using the old-fashioned big heavy blender, grumbling all the while.
  4. I wash up the big heavy blender jar grudgingly, and take the pink blender cup to school anyway because it's the only one that fits in my backpack.

Tuesday morning:
  1. I bring the blender back to Target and exchange it.
  2. I insist on testing the new one by filling the blue blender cup that comes with the blender with water, screwing the blades on, and turning it upside down. PASS! ♥
  3. I happily take the replacement blender home.

Tuesday evening: I make Doug a milkshake in the blue blender cup. Everything goes smoothly.

Wednesday afternoon:
  1. I attempt to make a milkshake in the pink blender cup. Chocolate milk spreads all over the counter. At a slower rate than before, but still unacceptable.
  2. I try the blue blender cup, and it works fine.
  3. I fill the second pink cup with water, screw the blades on, and turn it upside down over the sink. Water leaks straight through.

I've identified the problem. The blade attachment has a loose component that seems to be the piece that triggers the blender blades when you put it on the blender base. The problem is, because it's loose, there are huge gaps where liquid can leak through; you can see the gaps when you hold the blade attachment up to a light and shake it lightly. The Oster product designer who thought it was a good idea to put a loose component on something that essentially functions as the bottom of a blender needs to be fired.

Due to this loose component, the way you screw on the blender is important, but so is the threading of the blender cup. For some reason, even though the pink cups and blue cups look identical to me (except for the color, of course), the blue cup holds the blade attachment tightly enough to close off the holes (the way the designer intended), and the pink cups don't, no matter how many times I try it.

Frankly, if there were alternatives to this on the market (as in, good-looking to-go cups that work with a blender) I would have returned this entire system and sworn Oster blenders off forever. However, there aren't enough alternatives (after this debacle I'm not buying personal blenders on Amazon) so I'm stuck with this. It works great and exactly the way I want it to when the loose component locks correctly... the problem is, that loose component doesn't always lock correctly. >_<

Tomorrow (Thursday morning):
  1. Back to Target with the two pink blender cups. Also going to bring the blade attachment for step #2 below.
  2. Target's employees are going to hate me, but I'm going to insist on testing every blender cup in the store with the blender blades, because I'm a demanding consumer who wants things to work perfectly.
  3. I'm going to buy the first three extra cups that actually pass the water test.
  4. Target can take the issue up with Oster.



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